Ultravation UME Fixed Lamp - DC-IH-0218 User Manual

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Shipping and Packaging List:

• UME Electrical Housing

• Ultra-Ion Re-fresh PCO module w/ gasket and

mounting Hardware

• 6- ¾ inch 5/16 self tapping sheet metal screws

• Warning


• Residential Warranty Card

UME- 1000, 1036, 2000, 2036

• 1000 Series- One 9” or 16” Lamp

• 2000 Series- Two 9” or 16” Lamps

• UME hole placement template

Safety Precautions:

It is recommended that this unit be installed and
maintained by a trained technician:

WARNING: UV Hazard. Always protect eyes from
ultraviolet light. NEVER look at UV lamps in
operation. Unplug or disconnect power before re-
lamping or servicing.

WARNING: Severe eye damage or temporary
blinding may occur.

WARNING: DO NOT operate outside of Air Handler.
Mount lamp base to duct first.

WARNING: No openings in duct are allowed which
would give direct line-of-sight to the UV light.

In the event of accidental breakage or replacement of
the ultraviolet lamp, please ensure that the lamp is
disposed of in accordance with local and state
environmental laws regarding fluorescent lamps
containing mercury.


All wiring inside of the duct or air handling system in
direct line of site of the UV lamp must be shielded with
aluminum foil tape or equivalent non-combustible
material. When installing this unit, select a mounting
location that prevents ultraviolet light exposure to
plastic flexible duct liner or other plastic components
with unknown resistance to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet
light may cause color shift or structural degradation of
plastic HVAC components