Ultravation UME Fixed Lamp - DC-IH-0218 User Manual

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Installation steps for Optional Exclusive Re-
Fresh PCO odor reduction Module:

Find a location adjacent to the UV lamps to mount the
PCO module. To activate the PCO module it requires UV
light shinning on its surface. PCO module can be mounted
within inches of the UV light, or if necessary the module
can be within 2 ft. of direct UV light and still be activated.

2. To mount the PCO module you will need to drill one 2
1/2” diameter hole. The base plate of the module will need
to be screwed to the duct or air handler with the 4 screws

3. The PCO module measures 16” inches long by 2 ½”
diameter. The surface area of the module relates directly to
the amount of VOC’s it can eliminate. If necessary the
Module can be trimmed to a shorter length to
accommodate installation in the air handler.

It is beneficial to install additional PCO modules in the area
of the UV lights, thereby increasing the airborne bacteria
disinfection rate and the removal of VOC’s.

Also the PCO

modules may be installed completely internally.

Installation steps for fixed lamp mounting,
fixed lamp replacement, and external
mounting of power supply:

1. Determine a suitable location to install unit. Ductwork
should be of sufficient strength as to support the unit;
otherwise reinforcement of the ductwork may be necessary
(See page 3 for suitable locations).

2. Find “CUT-OUT-TEMPLATE” supplied with the unit.
Place template over ductwork and mark hole location(s).
Using a 2” hole saw, cut 2 hole(s) as shown.

3. Lift into place against ductwork. Fasten unit in place with
four or six self- tapping screws (supplied).

4. Install lamps by removing cover. Lamp(s) access interior
of ductwork via hole(s) cut. Clip socket onto lamp base. (As
shown on below) Slide lamp base onto bracket.

5. Plug in unit.

Install and

Remove Lamp

socket as shown

Lamp Socket