Connecting the display – LG W1946SM-BF User Manual

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Connecting the Display


Before setting up the monitor, ensure that the power to the monitor,
the computer system, and other attached devices are turned off.

Connecting the stand base or Removing the stand base



Place the monitor with its front facing downward on a cushion or soft cloth.



Assemble the Stand Base into the Stand Body.

Be sure don't pull out the Stop Pin and make the Stand Base direction as shown.


The tape and locking pin may only be removed from those monitors equipped with a
standing base when the base is pulled up. Otherwise, you may be injured by the protruding
sections of the stand.
Product Handling with Care : When you lift up or move the product, Do Not hold or touch the
front part of LCD panel. It will damage the panel. (Please hold the Stand Body or plastic cover of
the product.)

Stand Base

Stand Body

Stop Pin

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