Positioning your display, Connecting the display – LG W1946SM-BF User Manual

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Connecting the Display


This illustration depicts the general model of connection. Your monitor may differ from the items
shown in the picture.
Do not carry the product upside down holding only the stand base. The product may fall and get
damaged or injure your foot.


Use a coin on the back of the stand base and turn the screw clockwise to tighten.


Lift and turn the monitor to face towards the front after the connection is

made to the female part of the cable you're attaching.


When you desire to disintegrate the monitor from the stand base, use a coin to turn the

screw counterclockwise.

Positioning your display

After installation, adjust the angle as shown below.


Adjust the position of the panel in various ways for maximum comfort.

Tilt Range : -4˚ to 17˚

When adjusting the angle of the
screen, do not put your finger(s) in
between the head of the monitor
and the stand body. You can hurt
your finger(s).

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