About the remote control – LG MCD212 User Manual

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About the Remote control

Search for a folder of MP3/WMA files
When a CD containing MP3/WMA files in
several folders is being played, press
PRESET/FOLDER to select the folder you
want to play.

Dim the display light

Temporarily stop the sound

Press the button again to return to the sound.

To change the functions

Change the functions between FM, AM, CD,


For storing radio stations

If you have saved radio stations using

PROGRAM/MEMO, you can scroll through

them and select one. (see Listening to the


eXtreme Dynamic Sound System

Reinforce the treble, bass and surround
sound effect. XDSS ON will show in the

display. Press again for XDSS OFF.


Press RANDOM, you can play tracks/files in a

random order or cancel it.

See information about your music

MP3/WMA files often come with tags. The tag

gives the Title, Artist or Album. Press INFO

while a file is playing to see this information. If

there are no tags, “NO ID3 TAG” or “NO WMA

TAG” will show.

Fall asleep while listening to your player
Firstly, select a radio station or music. Press
SLEEP on the remote one or more times to
select a delay of between 10 and
180 minutes, after which the player will turn

Use when playing a CD

Play any track on a CD
Press the corresponding number buttons on
the remote control.

Listen to your tracks again and again
Press REPEAT once to repeat the track
currently playing. Press REPEAT twice to
repeat the whole CD, or if you’re listening to
the whole folder of MP3/WMA CD. The
display will show what is being repeated.

Use when playing a cassette tape

Sound quality adjustment
You can select a desired sound mode by
using EQ.