On screen display(osd) selection and adjustment – LG W2453V-PF User Manual

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On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment

Main menu

Sub menu


DSUB/DVI input

HDMI input



This is used for advertising in the store. The screen
will be divided to show the standard mode on the
left and video mode on the right so that the
consumers can check the difference after applying
the video mode.

Select this when you watching general sports.

HDMI input


... HUE : Adjust the screen hue.
... SATURATION : Adjust the screen saturation.

You can manually adjust ACE or RCM
(only for DSUB/DVI input), HUE or SATURATION
(only for HDMI input).
You can save or restore the adjusted value even
when using a different environment.

... ACE(Adaptive Clarity Enhancer) : Selects the clarity mode.

Not applied
Green enhance
Flesh tone
Color Enhance

...RCM(Real Color Management) : Selects the color mode.

Not applied

Weak clarity and luminosity contrast.

Strong clarity and luminosity contrast.

MENU : Exit

: Decrease

: Increase


: Select another sub-menu

To adjust the USER sub-menu
function,press the AUTO/SET Button.

DSUB/DVI input