Have you installed the display driver, Troubleshooting – LG W2234S-BN User Manual

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Have you installed the display driver?

Have you installed the

display driver?

Do you see an

"Unrecognized monitor,
Plug&Play (VESA DDC)
monitor found"

• Be sure to install the display driver from the display

driver CD (or diskette) that comes with your
display. Or, you can also download the driver from
our web site: http://www.lge.com.

• Make sure to check if the video card supports

Plug&Play function.

Display image is incorrect

The screen color is

mono or abnormal.

The screen blinks.

• Check if the signal cable is properly connected

and use a screwdriver to fasten if necessary.

• Make sure the video card is properly inserted in

the slot.

• Set the color setting higher than 24 bits (true color)

at Control Panel - Settings.

• Check if the screen is set to interlace mode and if

yes, change it to the recommend resolution.