Important precautions – LG BH10LS30 User Manual

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Follow these precautions when handling the drive or discs.

• Please take notice that the manufacturer of this equipment does not offer any

warranty against data loss due to inappropriate installation or handling, or direct
or indirect damages.

• Please take notice that the manufacturer will bear no responsibility for direct or

indirect damages caused by the use of this product or its malfunction.

• Please take notice that the manufacturer will bear no responsibility for damage to

data caused by this product.

• Please backup (copy) all important data as a protection against data loss.

• Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to:

- high humidity, high temperature, excessive dust, mechanical vibration,

direct sunlight

We recommend using the drive in a horizontal or vertical position.
Do not use it in tilted position.
• Don’t move the drive suddenly from a cold place to a warm one or raise the room

temperature suddenly. Condensation may occur, causing abnormal operation.

• Make sure to remove the disc before moving the drive. The disc may become

damaged, causing data loss.

• Be careful to prevent foreign objects, such as liquids or metal, from entering the


• Don’t interrupt the electric power while the drive is operating.
• Please pay attention to handling Electrostatic Sensitive Devices, you may use

anti-static products such as wrist straps, heel straps, mats to protect your body
from electrostatic.

Important Precautions