Location and function of controls – LG BH10LS30 User Manual

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Location and Function of Controls

Front Panel

1. SATA Power Connector (15 pin)

2. SATA Data Connector (7 pin)

Rear Panel

1. Disc Tray

2. Drive activity indicator

The LED is used to indicate the operation of
Blu-ray Disc Rewriter.

3. Emergency Eject Hole
4. Eject Button

1 2

❏ Occasionally CD-R and CD-RW discs written by a CD-R/RW drive cannot be read by other

CD drives. These unreadable discs may need to be read using the CD-R/RW drive they
were created with. The disc written using the CD-R/RW drive might not be readable by
CD-ROMs other than Multi-read compatible (UDF compatible) CD-ROMs.
Multiread compatible (UDF compatible) CD-ROMs are CD-ROMs that can read low
reflectance and support Packet Write.

Please note: Certain software (i.e. particularly those including Video playback) may require

a considerably increased specification PC to give acceptable results. While this Blu-ray
Disc Rewriter can read DVD-video or BD-MV(BD-ROM) discs, decoding them to
display on your pc’s monitor requires separate MPEG, H.264 or VC-1 decoding that is done
by separate hardware (either an MPEG, H.264 or VC-1 decoder card or MPEG, H.264 or
VC-1 decoding done by your video card), or separate software that you install to do
MPEG, H.264 or VC-1 decoding. For further details, refer to the documentation that comes
with MPEG, H.264 or VC-1 software.