LG VC39172H User Manual

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If your appliance is fitted with a fabric
dust bag

follow the same instructions as

above. Empty it and reuse it


. Do not

wash it.


as the appliance is fitted with a safety

device which checks that the bag is in place
you cannot close the lid if the bag is not
fitted correctly.

Cleaning the motor filter

The motor filter is situated inside the
appliance between the dust bag and the
motor. Each time that you change the air
outlet filter we advise you to remove the
motor filter


and to clean it by tapping to

remover the dirt and then replacing it in the
vacuum cleaner.

Changing the air outlet filter

• To change the filter or wash the HEPA



, push the HEPA locker


, then

remove the washable HEPA filter


from the HEPA frame


and clean it.

• Clean the washable HEPA filter with water

at least once a year.

• The washable HEPA filter should be

cleaned with cold and running water at
least once a year.
- Do not use the brush.
- Allow HEPA filter to dry in a shaded

place for a day.

Mini turbine nozzle (optional) (30)

• Mini turbine is used for stairs and other

hard to reach places.

• To clean the mini turbine nozzle, remove

the nozzle cover:


Remove 2 screws on the bottom and take
mini turbine nozzle cover off as shown.

• Frequently clean and remove hair, string,

and lint build-up in the brush area. Failure
to do so could damage to mini turbine

Please do not hold the hose when we lift
the main body off the floor



Please never close the filter cover like



to avoid nipping your hand.

Please check that the inlet of damper


is not jammed by dust and pet hair.

Check that the appliance is correctly
plugged in and that the electrical socket is

• Stop the appliance and unplug it.

• Check that the tubes, flexible hose and

cleaning tool are not blocked.

• Check that the dust bag is not full.Replace

if necessary.

What to do if your appliance
does not work?


What to do when the suction
performance reduces?