Caring for your iron, Troubleshooting – GE 169064 User Manual

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Emptying and Storing your Iron

1. Deselect the fabric settings and turn the Steam Control Dial to the “No Steam”


2. Unplug the iron and allow to cool.
3. To empty water from the iron, make sure the Water Door is opened and slowly

tilt the pointed end over the sink and turn upside down. The water will run out
of the Water Fill Opening.

4. Wrap cord loosely around cool iron and store in an upright position. Wrapping

the cord too tightly can damage the cord.

5. Do not store the iron laying flat. Any small amount of moisture or residue may

cause the Soleplate to discolor.

Caring and Cleaning the Soleplate

1. Never iron over zippers, pins, snaps, buttons, or metal rivets as these may

scratch the Soleplate.

2. To clean the Soleplate of occasional build-up, wipe cool iron with a sudsy cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or metal scouring pads.

Helpful Hints

1. Sort items to be ironed according to their required temperature settings. Begin

ironing at the lower settings and increase temperature as needed. If you are in
doubt about what temperature to use, start at a low temperature setting and
iron an inside seam. Gradually increase the heat and steam settings until
wrinkles are removed with out damaging the fabric.

2. When changing from a high temperature setting to a lower temperature

setting allow approximately 3-10 minutes for the lower temperature to be

NOTE: When Dry Ironing; it will take longer for the iron to cool down to a lower
setting. For example, if the iron is first set at Linen and then changed to Silk, it may
take 10-15 minutes for the iron to drop to the selected temperature.
When Steam Ironing, the temperature will descend faster because the water helps
to cool down the iron.
The following chart is designed to help you select the best setting and method for
the fabric you intend to iron. Check garment labels and follow recommendations
provided by the fabric manufacturer.


Iron Does Not Heat

• Iron should be plugged into a working electrical outlet.
• Check to see that a fabric setting has been selected.
• Did the Auto Shut-Off activate?

Iron Does Not Steam

• Check to see that the iron contains water. Add water if necessary.
• Make sure the Adjustable Steam Dial is turned to the desired setting
• Gently tap the Soleplate on the ironing board once or twice to clear steam

valves of any blockages.

Iron Spits Water or Leaks

• Make sure iron as been allowed to reach selected temperature for ironing.

Preheat for 2 minutes.

• Make sure that the Adjustable Steam Dial is turned to the “No Steam” position.
• If steam ironing, use the Fabric Setting Button to select the Cotton or Linen

setting and wait until the desired temperature is reached. Check that the higher
setting is safe for the fabric.

• Iron may be overfilled. Turn iron off and unplug. Allow iron to cool and pour

water out of the Water Fill Opening. Plug iron in electrical outlet and reheat.






Acetate • Nylon

Silk • Nylon

Wool • Polyester





Use dry on wrong side of fabric.
Use dry on wrong side of fabric.
Use steam on wrong side of fabric.
While fabric is damp, use either steam or dry
iron until fabric is dry. Iron dark fabrics on
wrong side to avoid shine.
While fabric is damp, use either steam or dry
iron until fabric is dry. Iron dark fabrics on
wrong side to avoid shine.




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