Nitrous Express Radio Controlled Nitrous System User Manual

Nitrous express radio controlled nitrous system

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Nitrous Express Radio Controlled Nitrous System

These are installation instructions for your Nitrous Express R/C Nitrous System. Installation was done on

an HPI Savage RTR .25. Installation may vary depending on vehicle and engine size. A colder glow plug

must be used with the nitrous installation. Consult your local hobby shop to determine the proper plug for

your application. In the Savage we used an Odonnell 99.

Removal of the body is necessary to access all

electronics and install the nitrous system

The best and most secure location for the 9 Volt

Battery is necessary for all-terrain performance of

your nitrous system. On the Savage, underneath the

electronics cover is the optimum location. You must

remove the 3 clips holding this cover down.

Once you remove the electronics cover you will also

need to remove the receiver mount as shown in the


The arrows show the location of the holes we had to

drill to mount the toggle switch and the wide open

throttle switch.

In order to find the proper location for the wide open

throttle switch you must turn your RC vehicle on and

take it to full throttle using the Radio. Your throttle

servo arm must activate the switch for the system

to operate properly. Once the optimum location is

determined, mark holes and drill the electronics

cover. Also drill a hole for the toggle switch, allowing

clearance for all other electronics under the cover