Nitrous Express Water Methanol Stage 3 User Manual

Nitrous Express For motorcycles

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Installation Instructions for

Water Methanol Stage 

Installation- Mechanical:

Step 1 Reservoir Install

Install 1/8” NPT – ¼” OD elbow into 3/8-1/8 NPT reducer bushing using GOOP sealant. Install this

assembled fi tting with GOOP sealant into the bottom of the reservoir. Note location options for the included low

level warning light sensor. The nozzle, not the reservoir, should be the highest point in the system.

Optional: The factory windshield washer reservoir can be used as the reservoir for your system, using optional

part number 15050.

Drill 9/16” hole in desired bulkhead location.

Remove one nut from bulkhead and turn the remaining nut until it is at the very end.

Feed red tubing through the drilled hole and up and out of the top of the reservoir.

Attach tubing to the bulkhead on the side opposite the nut.

Pull the tubing through the bulkhead hole until the bulkhead seats against the inside of the reservoir.

Apply GOOP sealant (included) around bulkhead.

Slide the nut you had previously removed up onto the tube and thread onto bulkhead.

While pulling fi rmly on the red tubing, tighten the outer nut using a 17mm socket (only needs to be hand

tight). A ratchet is not needed.

Once sealant has set, fi ll reservoir with water and check for leaks.

Step 2 Pump Install

Mount the pump so the inlet is positioned at the lowest point of the reservoir or lower.

Pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically using the supplied screws and washers.

Ensure that no sharp bends in the high pressure tube occur near the pump. Sharp bends

can cause stress on the inlet and outlet ports of the pump, causing leaks. Trim tube with

a utility knife or razor blade, making sure to eliminate any burrs or kinks on the end.

Insert fi rmly into the pump about ½ inch through the light grey locking collar. Note the

arrows indicating fl ow direction on the top of the pump. To remove the hose, gently and

evenly push the light grey locking collar into the head unit of the pump, then pull on the

hose gently.

Measure the distance from the reservoir outlet to the pump inlet. Cut the ¼” red tubing

using utility knife. Make cuts are as square as possible.

Ensure there are no kinks in the tubing and insert tubing into quick disconnects at pump

and reservoir until fully seated. Keep the pump within 2 feet of the reservoir.