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- Unable to connect to game console -

- Unable to hear any sound from the X -

Most game consoles are shipped from the manufacturers with an Audio/Video RCA cable. The A/V RCA cable has three
RCA plugs: a video plug (yellow) and two audio plugs (red and white). If your gaming console came with an A/V RCA cable.
please follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer for setting it up and connecting it to the TV. Please note that
you must leave the red and white audio jacks on the A/V cable UNCONNECTED. Once the console is properly connected to
your TV, please follow the diagram in the illustrated X Set-up guide to connect the gaming console to the X.
If your gaming console was shipped with a coaxial cable, instead of an A/V RCA cable, you must follow an alternate set-up
procedure (coaxial cable is the same type of cable that is used to connect a VCR to a TV). You will quickly recognize if your
gaming console uses this type of cable. It connects the gaming console directly to the television and carries both the audio
and video signal over a single cable. If your gaming console uses a coaxial cable, you CAN NOT connect it directly to the
X . Instead, you have two alternatives:
1. Use an intermediary A/V device (such as a TV, VCR, DVD, TiVO, etc)
a. Connect your gaming console to the intermediary A/V device via the coaxial cable.
b. Connect the X to the 'Audio Out' jack on the intermediary A/V device. This allows an indirect connection
of the X to your gaming console, through the intermediary A/V device. To accomplish this successfully,
your intermediary A/V device MUST have both:

. A coaxial jack (the standard jack for TV cables that is found on most TVs , VCRs, DVD, TiVo, etc).

. An RCA audio output jack ('Audio Out' jack).
c. Follow diagram 2 in the X set-up guide to connect the X to the intermediary A/V device and
finalize the setup.
2. Purchase the A/V RCA cable for your console:
If your intermediary A/V device does not have an 'Audio Out' jack, you must contact the gaming console manufacturer/dealer
and request the 'Audio/Video RCA output cable' for your console. Please note that Ace Bayou Service Center does not supply
this cable for your console. You can obtain it only from the console manufacturer or an authorized dealer for your gaming

1. Check to ensure that the power adapter is properly connected to the power jack (A8). When properly connected, the logo
(A9) on the control panel should light up when the power switch (A7) is turned on. If the logo (A9) does not light up, try
to use another power outlet in your home. When the TX box is switched on (A14) for use in wireless mode, the power
indicator light on its front panel should also light up. If the light is not on, please try changing the batteries in the TX.
2. Make sure the power unit is turned on and indicator light on the control panel is lit. If it is not, please press the power
switch on the control panel. When you use wireless mode, the power indicator light on the front panel of the TX box turns
green. If the light is not on, please turn on the power switch (A14) on the side. Check the BAND selector (A15) on the side
of the TX box and make sure the number selected is the same as the number selected on the BAND selector (A6) of the
control panel on the chair. For example, if the BAND selector on the TX box is on "1" make sure the BAND selector on the
control panel is also on "1".
3. Once you have successfully completed 1. and 2. please review the X illustrated set-up guide. Double check all audio
connections. Finally, check that the volume on the hand remote is turned to an audible level.
4. If you have completed 1.- 3. and still do not hear sound, try connecting another audio source (CD player, television, VCR
or game console) that works well and go through the steps again. Still not working? Help is as easy as 1,2,3:
1).Go to for FAQ answers.
3).Call our customer service department at 866.969.2603 or 931.359.2603. Office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm central
standard time.

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