X Rockers 06106 User Manual

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Side control panel with volume, bass control, input/output jacks and band switch.
Ergonomic design with full back support.
Hardwood frame construction with dual layer foam cover for extra comfort.
Easy to clean, heavy duty, upholstery grade vinyl cover.
Wireless audio transmission

Always make sure the backrest is locked before sitting in the chair.
Excessive use of audio equipment could lead to hearing loss.
Children under the age of 13 should not use this product without adult supervision.
Strictly for indoor use. Do not expose to direct sunlight, moisture or extreme temperatures.
If the cover becomes wet disconnect the power immediately and don't use until it is completely dry.
Do not attempt to remove the cover or any components. Removal of the cover or tampering with components puts you

at risk for injury or death from electrical shock.

The maximum input of the TX box is 1V. If the input is over 1V, the sound can become distorted or fuzzy. If the Sound

coming out of the chair is fuzzy at low volumes, lower the volume on the audio source (ex. The TV, Mp3,etc) and the
distortion should go away.

Do not mix alkaline, standard carbon-zinc, or rechargeable Ni-cad, NiMH, etc.
Do not mix old and new batteries.

When using in wire mode, please keep the band to "OFF" (A6).

Lift the X out of the box by opening the top and turning the box over. DO NOT LET THE UNIT FALL OUT. Slide the

box off the unit. Do not grab the sides of the X as that may lead to accidental speaker damage.

Position the chair on the floor.
Follow above diagrams to install the backrest.
Review the set-up diagrams to familiarize yourself with the X's components, accessories, and set-up.
Remove all of the accessories from the accessory pack that is included with your chair.
Locate the input/output panel on the right side of the seat. When used in wired mode, make sure that the control panel

is not more than 9.84ft/3 meters away from the audio source and 65.6ft/20 meters from the audio source and 6.56ft/2
meters from a power source.

Unpack the power adapter, plug it into a power outlet and connect it to the power jack (A8) on the control panel.
Press the power button (A7) and confirm that the power indicator light (A3) is on. In wireless mode, turn on the power to

the TX box (A13), confirm that its indicator light is on, and check that the band selected on the TX box (A14) is the same
as that selected on the RX (A6) of the X.

Follow the diagrams to connect the X to the audio source of your choice in wired or wireless mode.
Adjust the bass and volume levels to your preference start enjoying.









WARNING: Keep hands and
feet clear of mechanism.
Moving parts can cause
serious injury. ADULT

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