Performance guide – Electrix MOFX User Manual

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"Kick Shifting (Delay Based):

"Wave Rider (Tremolo Based):


his is a simple setup for stereo processing of your entire mix. You’ll want to use this
setup only after you have explored all the sonic possibilities of MO-FX because cueing is
not possible. The cueing limitation can be minimized by bringing in the effect gradually

with MO-FX’s mix controls and doing any adjustments from that point on. The 1/4” output
has a servo driver circuit that, when used with 3 conductor balanced cables, is capable of
driving longer cables to your power amp.



• Distortion Engage: Off

• Flange Engage: Off

• Tremolo Engage: On
• Tremolo Mix: 0%
• Tremolo Speed: 0
• Tremolo Sync: Off
• Tremolo Waveform: Sine
• Tremolo Band: High / Mid

• Delay Engage: On
• Delay Sync: On
• Delay Mix: 100%
• Delay Regen: 0
• Delay Speed: Start at 1:1, but mess
with it to shift the bottom end around.
• Delay Band: Low
• Delay Ping Pong: Push for double
time !
• Dry: Auto

Use the tremolo to smoothly bring the top end, (things like high hats and shakers), in
and out of the track to the tempo of the music. By using this effect you can change up
the feel of the track all night long.

• Distortion Engage: Off

• Flange Engage: On
• Flange Mix: 0%
• Flange Speed: 0
• Flange Depth :0
• Flange Regen: 0
• Flange Band: Low / Mid

• Tremolo Engage: On
• Tremolo Mix: 100%
• Tremolo Speed: 1:4
• Tremolo Sync: On
• Tremolo Waveform: Sine
• Tremolo Band: High

• Delay Engage: Off

• Dry: Auto

This setting will allow you to move the bass or kick around in time, radically changing the
feel of the track without affecting the driving nature of the kick. We will also be engaging
the Tremolo block, but you will only be using the Delay section to control the bass shift.
This setting depends on Tap Tempo to keep the Bass synchronized to the music so don’t
forget to tap in your tempo.

Line In

Phono In

Line Out

to Crossover / Power Amp