Electrix MOFX User Manual

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lectrix products are performance products. We have designed them to accurately
transmit and receive your performance through MIDI. That means every knob and every
switch can be automated. All you need to do is connect your MO-FX to a sequencer.

MO-FX has MIDI Control Change messages assigned to all of it’s functions. That means your
performance will show up in your sequencer as MIDI CC’s (Control Change Messages).

Note that a press and hold of the bypass button will dump the present state of the
controls. MIDI CC #55 will request a dump of state.

" Setting the MIDI Channel:

On the back of your MO-FX is a small rotary switch

labeled MIDI channel. Use it to set the Transmit / Receive channel of your MO-FX.


he MO-FX can receive MIDI clock messages. It will re-sync it’s Tap Tempo to the
incoming MIDI clock for you automatically when it receives a MIDI clock start message.
This could be a great convenience for you if have a Drum Machine or Groovebox to

sync to. Just set up your MIDI clock source to transmit MIDI clock, connect up a MIDI cable
from the source’s MIDI OUT to the MO-FX’s MIDI in and press start on your MIDI clock

" Notes:


You can take over from MIDI clock at anytime just by tapping in a new tempo. To re-sync

MO-FX to MIDI clock, press and hold the Tap Tempo Button for 600ms.


Some devices do not transmit MIDI clock start messages. It may be necessary to manually

tell MO-FX to respond to the incoming MIDI clock.


To sync MO-FX to incoming MIDI clock, press and hold the Tap Tempo Button for 600ms.


MIDI clock does not always indicate the down beat. Hit MO-FX’s Tap Tempo button, while

receiving MIDI clock to re-sync MO-FX to the down beat.




Manual Flange:

Here’s a great way to get great manual flanger effects. Engage the flanger with the Depth
at 0% the Speed at Zero and Regen at 40%. Now adjust the regen to taste, and use the
depth control to manually sweep the flanger.


Kill Box:

Here’s a quick way to turn your MO-FX into a digital Kill Box. Use the momentaries to
effectively eliminate their respective band. You may need to bring up the levels on your
mixer to compensate for the slight level drop you will experience with this setup.

• Distortion Engage: Off

• Flange Engage: On
• Flange Mix: 70%
• Flange Speed: 0
• Flange Depth : 0 turn this knob to

manually control the flanger

• Flange Regen: 40 % -adjust to taste
• Flange Band: All

• Tremolo Engage: Off

• Delay Engage: Off

• Dry: Auto

• Distortion Engage: Off

• Flange Engage: On
• Flange Mix: 0%
• Flange Speed: 0
• Flange Depth :0
• Flange Regen: 0
• Flange Band: Low

• Tremolo Engage: On
• Tremolo Mix: 0%
• Tremolo Speed: 0
• Tremolo Sync: Off
• Tremolo Waveform: Sine
• Tremolo Band: Mid

• Delay Engage: On
• Delay Mix: 0%
• Delay Regen: 0
• Delay Speed: 0
• Delay Sync: Off
• Delay Band: High

• Dry: Off