Lyndex-Nikken Wrench instructions User Manual

Wrench instructions, warranty and repair services, Wrench instructions, Service and support

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Wrench Instructions, Warranty and Repair Services

Wrench Instructions

After securing spindle wrench in
position, apply collet nut wrench
onto collet nut.

While holding the spindle wrench
firmly, turn the collet nut wrench
clockwise to tighten.

Insert spindle wrench behind collet
nut. Align spindle wrench with the
wrench flats on the spindle.

Service and Support

Lyndex-Nikken is dedicated to providing not only the highest
quality of equipment, but also the highest quality of service
and customer care. With over 60 years of experience, our
service engineers are looking forward to supporting your
needs beyond your expectations.

We fully stock all internal components to provide an
expedited and cost-effective maintenance program and
rebuild package for your live tooling. Managing a
maintenance schedule for all your machine tool accessory
components can be challenging, so we’ll be glad to remind
you when the time comes.

Furthermore, to prevent an interruption in your production
schedule, for certain models we can offer a “loaner” live tool
while your live tool is under repair.


1 year warranty for internal components

2 year manufacturer warranty on external body

For any service request or inquiry, please contact our service
department: (847) 367-4800