Hubbardton Forge 234901 User Manual

Shade installation instructions

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Shade Installation Instructions


For Rook Table & Floor Lamp 23-4901, 23-4901C, 26-4901 & 26-4901C,

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Vermont-Made Lighting and Accessories

P.O. Box 827, 154 Route 30 South, Castleton, Vermont 05735


To Install Glass

(Figure 1)

Component Parts

A Socket
B Glass
C Retaining Ring (2)
D Retaining Ring Tool

1. Carefully unpack the lamp from the carton.
2. Remove retaining rings (C) from socket (A). Retaining Rings are shipped


3. Place glass (B) over socket (A).
4. Using provided retaining ring tool (D) thread the first retaining ring (C) onto

socket (A) until it reaches the bottom of the glass (B).

5. Using provided retaining ring tool (D) thread the second retaining ring (C)

and tighten until it is snug against the first retaining ring.

6. Install bulb. “C” version bulb is included.

To Install Diffuser & Shade

(Figure 2)

Component Parts

E Finial
F Washer
G Diffuser
H Shade
I Thumb


J Diffuser


K Fixture


L Threaded


1. Remove thumb screw (I) from fixture bracket (K). Save for later


2. Attach diffuser bracket (J) to fixture bracket (K) using thumb screw

(I). Align diffuser bracket (J) to be centered on the fixture and
tighten thumb screw (I).

3. Slip shade (H), diffuser (G) and washer (F) onto threaded stud (L).
4. Thread finial (E) onto threaded stud (L) and tighten until snug. Be

careful not to over tighten.


Figure 1

Figure 2