Hubbardton Forge 237660 User Manual

Shade installation instructions

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Shade Installation Instructions


Brindille Floor Lamp 237660 & 237660C


Vermont-Made Lighting and Accessories

154 Route 30 South, Castleton, Vermont 05735


To Install Glass Diffuser

(Figures 1 - 3)

Component Parts

A Finial
B Washer
C Diffuser
D Shade
E Harp
F Socket


G Harp


H Socket
I Locks


1. Carefully unpack the lamp from the carton.
2. Install socket knob (F) onto socket (Figure 1).
3. Remove finial (A) from harp (E) and save for later use. Finial

is shipped installed on harp.

4. Squeeze harp (E) together while holding the locks (I) up

towards the top of the harp (E) and slip into harp holder (G)
(Figure 1).

5. Allow locks (I) to slip down harp (E) and onto harp holder

(G) to secure harp in place.

6. Install bulb (included on C version).
7. Slip shade (D), diffuser (C) and washer (B) onto threaded

stud on top of harp (E). See Figure 3 for washer orientation.

8. Thread finial (A) onto threaded stud on harp (E) and tighten

until snug. Be careful not to over tighten.

If you need further assistance, or find that you are missing any parts, please contact the dealer from which you purchased
this product. We hope you enjoy your fixture!


Hubbardton Forge will not be liable for injury or damage caused by improper installation, lamping or use of this fixture.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3