Physical transmitter adjustments – Spektrum DX6 User Manual

Page 41

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Moving the Throttle Limiting Wedges

Throttle limiting wedges are used to limit the maximum throttle

travel. When changing between Modes 1 and 2, or between

Modes 3 and 4, you must move the throttle limit wedges.

1. Move the gimbals a small amount to remove a screw and

wedge from the top and bottom of the throttle gimbal.

2. Install the wedges on the other gimbal using two screws.

Adjusting the Elevator Centering Screw

When changing between Modes 1 and 2, or between Modes 3

and 4, you must adjust the elevator centering screw.

1. Hold the Elevator or Throttle stick in the full up or full down

position when you are adjusting the elevator centering screw.

Holding the gimbal stick reduces the load on the elevator

centering mechanism and makes it easier to adjust the

centering screw.

2. Locate the gimbal where the elevator centering spring is

engaged. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the elevator

centering screw. Tightening the screw will disengage the

centering spring.

3. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the opposite elevator

centering screw until the lever engages.

Re-assembling the Transmitter

1. Put the rear of the transmitter case on the main case, taking

care to not pinch any wires.

2. Install and tighten the eight Phillips screws.
3. Reinstall the battery holder or optional battery.
4. Power on the transmitter. When a calibration screen shows,

move the control sticks to extremes and to centers as directed

to correctly calibrate controls.