Sony HMZ-T1 User Manual

How to fit the hmz-t1 personal 3d viewer

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How to Fit the HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer

2. Put on like

a catcher’s


3. Straighten.

Adjust the



4. Tighten.

5. Adjust the


1. Loosen.

Place both straps

behind the head.

The unit should rest

on the forehead.

You should not feel any pressure

on your nose.

Make sure that the upper

strap is not on the top of

your head. This will cause

the unit to tilt forward and

put pressure on your nose.

Get in focus.

Adjust the two flippers

found underneath

until you can see the

screens clearly.

This device should not be used

by children 15 and under.

October 2011