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Intellisync Lite

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Field Mapping Notes:

• Before you edit field mapping, scroll up and down the field list to

see the available fields. They may not be organized as you’d

• If you change field mapping after data has been synchronized, the

next synchronization will be, in effect, a first run

• When data is transferred between fields in your handheld and

your PC application, data may be truncated in the target field if
the source data is too lengthy to be accommodated. It is not wise
to edit truncated data. If you do, the data in the other system will
be truncated after the next synchronization. Refer to Chapter 5,
“Frequently Asked Questions,” for a workaround that allows you
to edit truncated text.

• Intellisync enforces certain field mapping rules. For example,

you cannot map date fields to time fields. If you attempt to map
incompatible field types, an error message is displayed.

• Field names marked with asterisks in the Field Mapping dialog

must be mapped (or one or more of their multi-line sub-fields
must be mapped). If marked fields are not mapped, an error
message appears when you try to exit the Field Mapping dialog.

• Though Intellisync provides default field mapping, it’s advisable

to review field mapping to make sure that it’s set up to best suit
your applications.

• Check the Supported Systems Online Help topic for the PC

application(s) you’re using to see if any special field mapping
rules apply. For example, if your application allows for the
creation of custom fields, the Help topic for that system will tell
you how to map custom fields.

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