Additional information, Notes on use – Sony PEG-NZ90 User Manual

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Notes on use

About handling

• Make sure you do not scratch or damage your CLIÉ handheld’s screen or the



writing area. Always use the supplied stylus or a plastic-tipped

pointer to tap on the screen.
Do not use a real pen, pencil, or other sharp object on the screen.

• Do not expose your CLIÉ handheld to rain or moisture. Should water enter

the circuitry through the buttons and switches, your CLIÉ handheld may be

• Your CLIÉ handheld screen is made of glass. Do not drop or expose your

CLIÉ handheld to external shock. Do not carry your CLIÉ handheld in your
back pocket. If you sit down with your CLIÉ handheld in the back pocket,
the CLIÉ handheld may break.

• Avoid using or storing your CLIÉ handheld in locations subject to:

– extremely high temperature, such as inside a car left exposed to the sun, or

near a heater.

– direct sunlight

– high humidity

– excessive dust

• The rubber feet of the cradle may lose their adhesion if they become dirty. If

this occurs, wipe the rubber feet with a soft damp cloth to restore their

About cleaning

• Clean your CLIÉ handheld with a soft, dry cloth.

• Remove the dirt and dust from the camera lens by wiping with a soft damp

cotton swab.

If condensation occurs

Turn off your CLIÉ handheld for approximately one hour to clear condensation
before use. If you leave condensation within the camera lens, you may not be
able to take clear images.