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The built-in software “PlayMemories Home” allows you to import still images
and movies to your computer and use them.
You can shoot or play back images on this camera even if you do not install
“PlayMemories Home”, however, “PlayMemories Home” is required to
import AVCHD movies to your computer.

• “PlayMemories Home” is not compatible to Mac OS. If you play back images on a

Mac, use the applications that are installed on your Mac.
For details, visit the following URL.


Features of “PlayMemories Home”

Below are examples of the functions available when you use “PlayMemories
Home”. To take advantage of the various “PlayMemories Home” functions,
connect to the Internet and install the “Expanded Feature”.
• You can import images shot with the camera to a computer and display them.
• You can display images stored on a computer by shooting date in a calendar


• You can correct (Red Eye Correction, etc.) still images, print the images,

send images by e-mail, and change the shooting date and time.

• You can save and print images with the date.
• You can create a disc from AVCHD movies imported to a computer.

(Expanded Feature)

Install “PlayMemories Home” (Windows)


Connect the camera to a computer.


Windows 7: [Computer]

t camera icon t media icon

t Double-click [PMHOME.EXE]
Windows XP/Vista: [Computer] (in Windows XP, [My

t [PMHOME] t Double-click



Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the


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