Sony DPP-FP97 User Manual

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DPP-FP97 Digital Photo Printer GB_U/CED 4-129-105-11(1)


Digital Photo Printer

Read This First

Welcome to the Sony DPP-FP97 Digital Photo Printer.

This leaflet explains preparations and basic printing procedures.

To enjoy a variety of printing options or customize your printer, please

refer to the Operating Instructions also supplied.


Insert the paper tray and ink ribbon into

the printer.


Open the doors.


Open the slide cover of the paper tray.


Insert the paper tray and ink ribbon until each
clicks into place.


Insert the print paper into the paper tray.


Open the paper tray cover.


Set the print paper into the paper tray.

Insert the print paper into the paper tray with the protective sheet facing up.

Remove the protective sheet from the tray.


• You can use Sony optional color print packs designed for this printer, only. You cannot use the other print packs.

• For color print packs you can use, refer to the About the Print Packs also supplied.

• You can set up to 20 sheets of print paper.

Do not touch the printing surface!

Do not cut off from perforated


Do not bend!

Do not use used print



Close the paper tray cover.

Removing the ink ribbon

Open the ink ribbon compartment door, push up the blue eject lever,

and remove the used ink ribbon.

You cannot print on a

protective sheet. (Doing so

may cause a malfunction.)

Hold the parts on both sides of the

paper tray cover (shown with arrows)

and open the paper tray cover.

Checking the contents of the package

Printer (1)

Cleaning cartridge (1)/

Cleaning sheet (1)

(Used for cleaning inside the printer.)

Paper tray (1)

CD-ROM (1)

Operating Instructions (1)

AC adaptor (1)

About the Print Packs


Read This First (this leaflet)


AC power cord (1)

USB cable (1)

Warranty (1)

(In some regions, the warranty is

not supplied.)

Sony End User Software

License Agreement (1)


The plug shape and specifications of the AC power cord differ depending on the

region in which you purchased the printer.

When storing the print paper in the paper tray

Remove the paper tray from the printer and shut the slide


If you cannot close the tray cover

Stretch out the slide cover, and then close the tray cover.

Protective sheet

(If there is no protective sheet, insert the

print paper into the paper tray with the

printing surface (the side with no imprint)

facing up.)