Westwood Design Brookline Convertible Crib Bed Rail Kit User Manual

Assembly instructions brookline bed rails

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From the hardware and instructions originally included with the crib, locate two 1-1/8” Allen Bolts (P),

two Cap Nuts (Q), and two Nylon Washers (M). Thread them through the holes in the headboard as
shown, and tighten securely using the allen wrench included with the crib hardware.

Insert the metal tab on the bed rail into the slot on the headboard post, with the hooks facing down

and the slat supports toward the inside. Drop the hooks on to the internal pins, making sure the rail is
securely seated. Repeat for the other rail.

Insert the bed rail hooks into the footboard slots. Make sure both rails are secure and stable.

If you want to use the slats, evenly space them along the rails, and if desired, secure them to the rails

using the wood screws. The slats are not needed if you are using a box spring.

Assembly Instructions

Brookline Bed Rails

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2 x Rails


7 x Slats


28 x Wood Screw


Wood Screw (C)

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Cap Nut

Nylon Washer

Allen Bolt

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November 20, 2008


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