Westwood Design Brookline Combo Hutch User Manual

Assembly instructions brookline combo hutch

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Touch Pad


Figure C

Shelf Tab (B)

Figure B

Wood Screw (A)

Assembly Instructions

Brookline Combo Hutch

Figure A

Allen Screws

Board (can be discarded)

A. Remove the hutch from the packaging, and use the Allen wrench to remove the three screws
holding the protective board to the bottom of the hutch. You can discard this board.
B. If you are using a changing pad, secure it to the combo using the straps as instructed by the pad
manufacturer. Center the hutch on top of the combo, then screw the wood screws (A) through the
holes on the mounting plates and into the combo.
C. Insert the shelf tabs (B) into the desired holes, and carefully lower the shelves onto the tabs. Screw
the wood screws through the holes in the bottom of the shelf tabs into the bottom of the shelf to
prevent the shelf from being accidentally removed. If you are using the hutch with a changing pad,
you should remove the lower shelf and save it for later use.
D. Plug the cord for the lights into a socket behind the combo. Do not run the wire in the open where
children can access it. Turn on and dim the lights by touching the metal pad behind the right side

2 x Wood Screw


8 x Shelf Tab


Allen Wrench


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November 19, 2007


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