Meteor C-80 DMX Controller User Manual

Page 3

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on slider 0. You are ready to create a SC



1 -

Press the Red button “Program Scene. The
LCD window changes to SC _ _ : (flashing)

2 -

Press the Grey Button 0 (LCD window
changes to SC 0 __ ).

3 -

Press the Grey Button 1 (LCD window
changes to SC 0 1 ).

4 -

Press the GREEN Button – Enter. Hold for
2 seconds. LCD window changes to 0 0 0.

5 -

The red LED is already on “0”. Depending
on how many channels you have in your
fixture, You can now more the any of the
corresponding channel sliders up to desired
levels or mirror positions colors or gobos.

(note): The C-80 Controller uses “later takes
precedent”. Meaning if you bring slider 1 (channel 1)
up to 50% and then move Slider 2 (channel 2) up to
25%. The slider you are changing is what will be
displayed in the LCD window.

6 -

Fixture 1 is set where you want it.

7 -

Press Grey Button 1 (actually fixture 2
now). Both red LED’s (0 and 1) are on.
Press Grey button 0 and the disables the
red LED on the first fixture. Leaving the
second red LED on.

8 -

Move the corresponding sliders to the color,
gobo, mirror position you want it to be in.
Fixture 2 is now is the position you want it to

9 -

Press Grey button 3. The red LED is now lit
on the second and third fixture. Press Grey
button 2 and that disables fixture to leaving
you to position fixture 3.

10 -

Position fixture 3 in the place you want it to

11 -

Press fixture 4 (gray button 3).The red LED
comes on. Press fixture 3 (gray button 2)
and the red LED goes out.

12 -

Position that fixture where you want it to be.

13 -

If you need to go back and edit any part of
this “SCENE” Now is the time to do it. Just
press the corresponding fixture and change
the level / positions

14 -

Satisfied – Press the GREEN button
(ENTER). That is now your SC



15 -

To go on and create your next scene(s).

16 -

Press Program Scene. LCD changes to
SC__ __ . Press gray Button 0 and gray
Button 2. Press enter.

17 -

Repeat all steps 4 – 14.

18 -

When finished PROGRAMMING Scene 2.
Press Green Button (ENTER)

19 -

Do as many Scenes as you want, up to 100.


1 -

Press “Blue” Scene button. Enter the
Scene you want to edit / change. ie:(SC01)

2 -

Press ENTER (Green) Button. The lights
and position assigned to that scene will go
to where you had it programmed.

3 -

If the lights, color and position are correctly
placed. Just press enter.

4 -

If deciding that you want to “edit or change
that Scene. Press Program Scene. Retype
in the Scene you are changing. Ex: (SC01)

5 -

Press the Fixture you want to start with. The
Red LED will show you what fixture(s) you
have control of.

6 -

Adjust the light(s) to where you want them.

7 -

Press ENTER (Green) and hold. That
Scene has now been overwritten. New
Scene values have been stored.