Nyrius ARIES Home User Manual

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Thank you for your purchase of the Nyrius Aries Home/Home +. If you require any assistance please

review the below Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What does the status of the LEDs mean?



Transmitter/Receiver is linked.


Transmitter/Receiver not in range.

No HDMI Input connected.



Transmitter/Receiver in power sav-

ing mode.

2. What is the maximum transmission range?

The maximum range is 100 feet line of sight. If transmitting through walls or obstacles the range will

be reduced.

3. What steps can I take if the IR Extender is not working?

For proper IR Extender configuration please refer to the included Quick Start Guide. To locate the IR

sensor on your device, please contact the manufacturer of your HDMI enabled product. (E.G. Cable

box, Blue Ray player, DVD Player). If the issue persists the IR Frequency can be adjusted by pressing

IR on the remote control. The available frequencies are 38 KHz, 47 KHz, and 58 KHz.

4. How do I transmit Standard Definition content?

The Aries Home/Home+ cannot transmit 480i resolution. To ensure your standard definition con-

tent can be transmitted successfully, ensure your HDMI source and television settings are set to 480p


5. The Aries Home/Home+ appears warm after prolonged use.

To transmit 3D or Full HD content wirelessly, the Aries Home/Home+ must process a large amount

of data. Due to this, the unit may run at warmer temperatures than other electronic devices. We have

designed the housing to provide proper ventilation to the unit as well as have designed the electronic

components to withstand temperatures up to 80°C. To ensure maximum performance ensure both

the Transmitter and Receiver are placed in well ventilated areas that do not exceed 30°C.

6. What are the troubleshooting steps if no video is displayed and the Receiver shows “Searching

available channels”?The Transmitter/Receiver may require a few seconds to connect. Ensure the

correct HDMI video input is selected on your TV and that your HDMI cables are connected properly.

Check that your video resolution from the source device is set to 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, or 480p.

Please ensure the Aries Home/Home + is not located near a wireless access point as interference may

affect connectivity.