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Howard medium power substation

transformers are designed and

built according to the most

exacting engineering standards to

provide many years of outstanding

performance and reliability in the

most demanding utility, industrial,

and commercial applications.

All designs incorporate the latest

advances in materials, design

techniques, and power transformer

technology verified with 2D and

3D analysis software. Howard’s

Substation Division has staffed

its operations with well-trained

engineers, winders, assemblers,

and testers, with many years of

experience in the development,

design, and manufacture of medium

and large power transformers.

Howard’s Substation Transformer

Division also offers nationwide

delivery and the option of complete

job-site services, including unloading,

inspection, assembly, fluid filling, and

testing. Field supervision is available

for customer-installed jobs.



Howard Industries currently

manufactures fluid-filled medium

power substation transformers with

capacities through 60 MVA (ONAN)

and primary voltage ratings through

230 kV at 900 kV BIL.

An extensive range of features and

accessories are available, including

de-energized tap changers, on-load

tap changers, forced-air cooling

systems, fluid preservations systems,

and many other options to satisfy the

special requirements of virtually any


Howard medium power substation

transformers are suitable for a wide

range of demanding applications,

including utility substations, wind

generation sites, chemical plants, oil

and gas processing facilities, mining

operations, paper mills, steel mills,

water treatment plants, office and

shopping centers, internet server

facilities, and many other uses.


Howard’s new 355,000 square foot

substation manufacturing facility

(Figure 2) was custom designed and

built specifically for the production of

medium power transformers. Every

aspect of the facility’s design and

construction was carefully considered

to maximize its manufacturing

capabilities and provide the flexibility

needed to satisfy ever-changing

customer requirements. The facility’s

air handling systems maintain a

clean, positive-pressure environment

throughout, with temperature and

humidity controlled conditions

maintained in the insulation staging

and winding room. All floor surfaces

are sealed to help control airborne

contamination. Tank fabrication,

insulation cutting, fluid storage and

Substation Transformers

Medium Power


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Figure 1:

Medium power substation transformer with forced air cooling

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Figure 2:

Howard Industries Substation Plant,

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