Howard Network Transformers User Manual

Network transformers, Introduction

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Network Transformers

Issued: April 9, 2010

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Howard network transformers are designed and built
according to the most exacting engineering standards to
provide many years of outstanding performance and reli-
ability in the most demanding utility network applications.
Product scope includes capacities from 300 kVA through
2,500 kVA with high-voltage ratings from 2.4 kV through
34.5 kV and low-voltage ratings through 600 Volts.
Network transformers are typically used to supply
power to grid-type secondary distribution systems in
areas of high load density, such as are found in large
cities and are designed for either vault-type or subway-

type applications. Vault-type network transformers are
designed for installation in above-ground dry vaults, where
occasional submersion may occur. Subway-type network
transformers are designed for installation in subsurface
vaults, where frequent or continuous submerged
operation is likely. Subway designs may also be used in
vault-type applications.

Network Transformers


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Figure 1: Network Transformer