Howard Network Transformers User Manual

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Catalog Section 94-10

Network Transformers

Issued: April 9, 2010

Howard Industries, Inc.

Laurel, MS 39440

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Network Transformer


High-Voltage Switch and Terminal Chamber

The high-voltage switch is a fl uid-immersed rotary type

switch located in the high-voltage switch chamber, with

an adjacent terminal chamber located above. An optional

single-chamber design is available. The switch has three

operating positions, OPEN, CLOSED, and GROUND, clearly

indicated on the switch indicator plate. A mechanical

stop is provided to prevent unintentional operation of the

switch and to allow an electrical interlock to prevent op-

eration if the transformer is energized. Several different

types high-voltage cable entrances are available.

Network Protector Provisions

A secondary throat and support brackets are provided on

the low-voltage termination side of the tank that are suit-

able for mounting a low-voltage network protector.

Table 1: Factory Testing

Figure 2: High-Voltage Switch and Terminal Chamber

Figure 3: Network Protector Provisions