Warning, Ssembly, Attach handle to vacuum – Bissell CLEAN VIEW 74T5 User Manual

Page 5: Attach vacuum hose and tools

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The only tool you’ll need to assemble

your vacuum cleaner is a screwdriver.

Attach handle to vacuum

1. Locate the vacuum handle and remove

the screw packet taped to the base of

the handle.

2. Stand the vacuum upright and place the

handle on the top of the vacuum body.

3. Insert the screws into the existing holes

on each side. Tighten securely with a


Attach vacuum hose and tools

1. Attach the Twist ‘n Snap hose by

lining up the tabs on the base with the

corresponding notches on the back of

the vacuum.

2. Turn the Twist ‘n Snap hose to the right

to lock the hose into place.

3. Grasping the Quick Reach handle, slide

the end of the hose wand into the hose

wand base. Snap the hose into the hose


NOTE: The powerfoot will not

operate effectively unless the hose

wand is firmly attached.

4. Slide the extension wand and the crevice

tool together into the storage clip on the

side of the vacuum.

5. Snap the combination tool into the

storage clip on the back of the vacuum.

6. The TurboBrush tool bracket slides into

the front of the handle. Attach the brack-

et by aligning the pegs with the holes on

the handle and pulling down until it locks

into place.

7. Place the TurboBrush tool in the bracket by

aligning the bottom of the bracket with

the opening of the brush roll and snap the

TurboBrush tool into place.


Plastic film can be dangerous. To

avoid danger of suffocation, keep

away from babies and children.


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