Warning, Notice, Aintenance and care – Bissell CLEAN VIEW 74T5 User Manual

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aintenance and care

1. Unplug cleaner from electrical outlet.
2. Remove the dirt container as described

in the previous section. Grasp the filter

cup located at the bottom of the dirt

container and twist counterclockwise to

unlock and remove.

3. Grasp the circular filters and pull

straight up to remove.

4. Separate the outer foam and inner

pleated circular filters. Wash each indi-

vidually by hand in warm water. Mild

detergent may be used if desired. Rinse

well, then air dry

thoroughly before putting them back

together and replacing in filter cup.

5. The filter cup may be washed in warm

water with a mild detergent. Make sure it

is completely dry before reassembling with


6. The upper tank and primary separator

may be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Reach underneath the upper tank and

turn the rim of the primary separator to

unlock. Pull straight down to remove.

Cleaning the pre-motor filter

1. Unplug the cleaner from electrical outlet.
2. The pre-motor filter protects the motor

from debris. It is located underneath the

dirt container and filter cup in the center

of the round part of the Lock ‘n Seal


3. Remove the small, round, pre-motor filter

and any debris on top of it. Rinse well

under warm water, then air dry thoroughly

before replacing.

Cleaning the inner & outer circular filters


Do not operate cleaner with

damp or wet filters or without

all filters in place.




This product is intended for household use

only and not for commercial or industrial

use. Vacuuming of dust from products like

plaster, concrete or ashes will damage the

motor and void the warranty.

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