Charging using the battery charger – Sharp UP-X200 User Manual

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Connect the AC power cord to the battery charger and plug the other end into an AC outlet.


Insert the battery into the battery charger.

Make sure that the triangle (

▲), plus (+), and minus (-) marks on

the battery are aligned correctly with those indicated on the
battery charger.

The charge indicator on the battery charger will illuminate red

when charging begins.

The charging time is approximately 3 hours, and may vary

depending on the ambient temperature and operating conditions.


When the charging has been completed, the charge indicator will turn off. Upon completion, remove the

battery from the battery charger.


Unplug the AC power cord from the AC outlet and from the battery charger.

Charge indicator

Charging using the battery charger

When using the optional battery charger (UP-P01CH) for charging the battery, follow the procedure shown
You must remove the batteries from the mobile terminal for charging. To remove and install the batteries,
please refer to the next page.

Note: Only use the SHARP model EA-BL08 rechargeable battery.

Battery charger

AC power cord

To AC outlet

• The AC power cord plug may differ in some countries.
• Do not use voltages beyond the indicated power supply voltage range.
• When not in use, disconnect the AC power cord from the wall outlet for safety.
• The AC plug must be appropriate for AC outlet configuration.


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