BMW CD43 User Manual

Bmw cd43 users manual

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Thank you for purchasing your BMW CD43 radio from

This users manual explains the basic functions and care of

your new radio. The radio has some self-explanatory screen

displays and may not have every step required listed in this


This manual is believed to be correct at the time of printing, however model variances

and vehicle accessories installed may cause some discrepancies with this guide, therefore

please use this for reference only and consult the vehicles owners manual and any other

warnings that may exist. This radio is to be installed by a certified BMW technician. You

agree to hold 12v Electronics and its related companies harmless from any legal claims

resulting from installation of the radio and use of this users manual.

2007 12v Electronics

This manual and its contents may not be copied or reproduced without permission from 12v Electronics. For more

information please email: