BMW CD43 User Manual

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Anti-Theft protection

The unit is protected by a code. For US operation please use the 5 digit code supplied
on the code card. If the 4 digit Europe code is used the radio will not tune into
stations properly. To use this unit in Europe, additional programming steps may be

Store the code card in a secure location outside of the vehicle. You may be required
to re-enter the code after servicing your vehicle or when the battery is disconnected.

The LED (figure 1 #5) will flash when the ignition is switched off.

You can apply the security stickers to the vehicles door windows for additional theft

Entering the code number:

When power is supplied to the unit the display should look like this:

Use the station preset keys 1-6 (figure 1 # 7) to enter the 5 digit code. For example, if
the code is 63251, press 6 key followed by the 3,2,5 & 1 key.

When the entire code has been entered press:

(figure 1

# 8)to the right to confirm. (right arrow)

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