Aintenance and care, Cleaning or replacing the filter, Nozzle maintenance – Bissell 94V5 User Manual

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aintenance and care


cleaning or Replacing the filter

the key to maximum performance

is having a clean filter. cleaning the

filter after each use will help your

vacuum operate at peak efficiency.
use only genuine bissell model

number 52H6 replacement filters in

your bissell vacuum. to purchase

visit WWW.bissell.coM or call


To clean filter:


Turn power OFF (O).


Remove the dirt container as directed in

"Emptying the dirt cup" on page 6.


Remove filter and tap firmly against the

inside of a waste container, removing

any visible dirt.


Replace filter back into the dirt container

and attach dirt container to hand

vacuum until it snaps securely in place.
NOTE: After heavy usage, you may

clean the filter by washing it gently

by hand in warm water and mild

dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly

and make certain it is completely

dry before replacing it.

nozzle Maintenance

Keep nozzle clean and free of debris by

wiping with clean, damp cloth.