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DiMarzio Elemental™, Super Natural™ and Virtual

Acoustic™ models

Important: Read all of the following instructions before proceeding. If any
questions or problems arise, you may refer them directly to us.

The Elemental™, Super Natural™ and Virtual Acoustic™ are

designed to work with round-hole, acoustic guitars. They should
install in all guitars with sound hole diameters between 3




” and





”. Please note: these pickups are magnetic, and will not work with

nylon strings. The magnetic field is shaped to produce a balanced,

even sound with standard bronze string sets. If your guitar has strings
of a different alloy or arrangement (for example, E, B and G strings

unwound), please contact DiMarzio for information on achieving a

correctly-balanced sound.

The Elemental™, Super Natural Plus™ and Virtual Acoustic™ should
be installed with the volume control on the high E side of the sound

hole. The Super Natural™ should be installed with the polepieces
towards the neck. To maintain correct string balance, left-handed

guitars with have the pickup installed in the reverse direction, with the
polepieces towards the bridge.

It is possible to install your pickup while the guitar is in playing

position, but we recommend putting the guitar on a flat, non-
scratching surface so both hands can be used.

1. Slide the pickup under the strings from the high E (treble) side. The

cable will exit from the high E side. You should not have to loosen or
remove the strings, though either of these conditions can make

installation easier. If the strings are up to pitch, you will have to raise

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