DiMarzio ClipLock User Manual

Dimarzio, Cliplock

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1. You will need a Phillips screwdriver with a good tip. Do not
attempt installation with a worn-out screwdriver. Remove the
strap bushings and screws from your guitar. They will not be
used with your new DiMarzio





2. Select the enclosed screws that match the thickness of the
original screws. Most Fender and other American-made
guitars use the enclosed thin chrome screws with chrome


bushings and white washers. Most Ibanez and

some other guitars use the thicker black screws in the
enclosed bag with the black ClipLock


bushings and black

washers. Our screws are longer than your original screws.

3. Assemble the parts as shown: the screw goes through the
big end of the ClipLock


bushing, the bushing goes through

the hole in the strap end, then the washer slides onto the

4. Screw the entire assembly tightly into the original strap
bushing screw hole of your guitar. Repeat with the second
assembly. NOTE: The screws must go all the way in, and
should require only moderate force. If the screws seem too
tight or won’t go all the way in, remove the screws and rub the
screw threads on a bar of soap before installation. Do not use
excessive force. If your guitar body is exceptionally hard, you
may need to drill a pilot hole as in step 6.

5. If your original strap button screw does not match the
thickness of either size of enclosed screw, you should glue
dowels into the existing strap button screw holes and drill new
holes as in step 6.

6. If you are building a new guitar that does not have pre-
drilled holes, use the black screws, bushings and washers
and drill a pilot hole using a 3/32” drill (2.4mm) for a hardwood
body or a 5/64” drill (2mm) for a softwood body.

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