Installation removal – Security Chain Co (SCC) Quik Grip (1100 series) User Manual

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Attach the rubber tensioner to take
up the additional slack. To make

this simpler, attach the first hook at the “5
o’clock” postion and the second at the
“11 o’clock” position and so forth.
Tighteners must be purchased separately,

Next fasten the outside fastener,
making sure it is as tight as possible.

Drive a short distance and retighten all
fasteners. For best results, make sure
fasteners are adjusted equally and as
tight as possible.

Reach behind the tire and fasten
the inside connector on the 2nd or

3rd link.

Pull one cross chain down to the
point where the tire meets the

ground. Move the vehicle so that 1 or 2
cross chains pass under the tire.

Drape the chain over the tire, again
making sure cross chain hooks are

facing upward. Hooks that face down
(towards the tire) will cause damage to
the tire.

Park vehicle on firm level ground
and turn off the engine. Set the

parking brake. Unroll the chains and
lay them out flat making sure there
are no twists or tangles. Make sure
the smooth side of the cross chain
hooks are toward the tire.



Drive vehicle off highway to safe level ground. Turn off the engine and set emergency brake. Unhook the chain tightener and
the outside fastener. Repeat procedure on inside fastener. Lay the chains on the ground and drive vehicle off chains. Inspect
chains for damaged or worn parts. After use, clean and spray with an all-purpose lubricant.