One year limited warranty – Security Chain Co (SCC) Quik Grip (1100 series) User Manual

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Avoid speeds over 30 mph and use on bare pavement. Chain links on cross members will be damaged
and cause cross members to break. Damage could occur to chains, tires and vehicles.

Avoid spinning tires: start slowly, even in uphill conditions.

Ensure rubber tensioners are used at all times.

Avoid locking brakes: the best braking technique is a pumping action.

If a cross member should break, stop & remove or replace it immediately.

After use, clean and spray with an all-purpose lubricant.

One Year Limited Warranty

This product is warranted free from defect in workmanship and material for one year from the date of delivery
to the user. Defective product may be returned to the manufacturer, freight prepaid, within 10 days of alleged
defect. Inspection will be made to determine cause of failure. Chain determined to be defective will be repaired
or replaced. Buyer shall not be entitled to recover any incidental or consequential damages. No compensation
will be made for any labor claim, delays or damages incurred by using this product. Although this warranty gives
you specific rights, you may have other legal rights which differ from state to state. For more information,
please write to:

Customer Service Dept.
P.O. Box 949
Clackamas, OR 97015-0949

Speeds over 30 mph, improper fit or improper installation voids this warranty.



For maximum chain life:



We strongly recommend that the chains be fitted to the tire prior to actual use to ensure proper fit. Tire sizes
may vary because of age, manufacturer, tread or type.

Vehicle manufacturers’ determine the clearance requirements based on the original (OEM) tires provided with the
vehicle. Placing different size tires on your vehicle may affect the clearance necessary to operate this product.

During installation of the chain, ensure that the chain drapes at least 2 inches over each side of the tire from
the edge of the tread.

With traction devices installed, the vehicle will handle differently (for example, a longer braking distance on
pavement without snow or ice). Adjust your driving to these changed conditions.

Quik Grip tire chains are intended for use on snow and ice-covered roads. As such, they are legal in every
state and province in North America, including those where studded tires are prohibited. (Check local laws and
regulations for any restrictions in your area.)





All winter traction products will wear out with extended use. They can also break due to

misfit, misapplication or misuse. If this should occur, stop immediately and remove the chain. Care

should be taken when using this product on wheels or wheel covers that protrude outward beyond the
sidewall of the tire. Wheel covers should be removed to prevent possible markings made by rubber tensioners.
On vehicles with protruding alloy wheels, other traction products that do not use a rubber tensioner (such as
SCC’s Z-Chain or ladder-style cable products) should be used. If these cautions are ignored, SCC, and it’s
distributors are not responsible for injury or vehicle damage.