Apple Xserve Intel (Late 2006) DIY Procedure for Power Supply User Manual

Power supply/power supply blank, Replacement instructions, Xserve (late 2006)

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 Xserve (Late 2006)

073-1085 Rev. A

Power Supply/Power Supply Blank

Replacement Instructions

Follow the instructions in this document carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could
damage your equipment and void its warranty.

Online instructions are available at

Note: You can replace or install a power supply from the back panel without removing the
Xserve from the rack. If the Xserve has two power supplies, they are hot-swappable; the Xserve
will continue to operate using only one supply while the second is removed.

Tools Required

No tools are required for this procedure.

Removing the Installed Power Supply/Power Supply Blank

Unplug the power cord from the power supply you are removing.

Pull the handle to release the power supply or power supply blank and slide it out of the bay.

Pull the handle to unlatch the
power supply and remove it.