Rvf1215st – Ruvati RVF1215ST User Manual

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5. Unscrew both screws of the hose

weight until it is in two pieces. Place

one half of the hose weight on the

center sections of the spray hose.

Then place the remaining half of the

weight against the other half and re-

insert the screws. Do not tighten the

screws completely yet (Figure 4).

6. Place rubber gasket A into the

female end of the spray hose pipe

(the longest copper pipe extending

from the faucet’s base). Attach the

spray hose to the spray hose pipe

by screwing in with an adjustable

wrench or pliers.

7. Make sure the spray hose weight is

vertical on the loosest section of the

spray hose and tighten the screws

with a Phillips-head Screwdriver to

secure it into place (Figure 5).

8. Attach the hot and cold water sup-

ply hoses to the faucet by screwing

the male end of each hose with an

adjustable wrench or pliers to each of

the supply hose pipes extending from

the base of the faucet (Figure 6).

Figure 5

Figure 4

Figure 6