Rvf5110st – Ruvati RVF5110ST User Manual

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Faucet Body

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1. Remove rubber washer, metal

washer, and locknut from the thread-

ed shanks of the faucet body and

two handles (Figure 1). If you look

closely, you will find a black square

rubber gasket sitting in a groove on

the underside of the base of the fau-

cet, just above the threaded shank.

Do not remove this square rubber


2. Place the faucet body in the middle

hole of the deck/sink. Then place the

handles into the remaining holes of

the deck/sink. Make sure the handle

with the cold water label is placed in

the hole on the right and the handle

with the hot water label is placed in

the left hole (Figure 2). A standard

1-3/8” hole is required for this faucet.

Figure 3

Figure 2

Figure 1

3. From underneath the deck/sink,

slide the rubber washer followed by

the metal washer all the way up the

threaded shank of the faucet (Figure


4. Screw the locknut all the way up

the threaded shank of the faucet

until tight. Then using a Phillips-head

Screwdriver, tighten the screws of the

locknut until tight (Figure 3).