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Page 11: Getting started, Safe gun handling is the key to shooting fun, 10 shooting safety rules

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An Introduction to



Airgun Shooting


Although not a firearm, a Daisy airgun is a gun and not a

toy. Properly used and maintained, it will provide many hours
of safe, trouble free recreational shooting. Misused, it can be
dangerous. Therefore, we recommend it be used only under
adult supervision and never by a young person less than ten
years of age. Included in this operation manual are 10
Shooting Safety Rules
. We urge you to read them with your
child, practice them and review them often.

As the proud owner of a new Daisy gun, your child has

become part of an American tradition dating back more than
100 years. Mechanically, a new Daisy is backed by nearly a
century of engineering know-how and experience in the man-
ufacture of quality products.

Safe gun handling depends upon proper safety training,

and instilling in your son or daughter the right attitude toward
gun ownership. To help you, we have designed this booklet to
cover the basic facts every young person should understand
before shooting a gun. Take time to study it thoroughly with
your child. A proper understanding of these basics will greatly
increase your youngster's enjoyment of the lifetime sport of
recreational air gun shooting and, at the same time, give you
the satisfaction of knowing your child is properly prepared to
handle an air gun.

We strongly urge a formal course of instruction in

Shooting Education for your child. There are a number of
youth and civic organizations which offer a complete 10-les-
son course based on guidelines developed by the training
experts at Daisy, and they are listed in the section “Learn to
shoot safely” on page 15 of this book. A quick check with
them will let you know when the next course will be starting
in your area. If you would like more detailed information,
write: Special Market Programs, Daisy, P.O. Box 220, Rogers,
Arkansas 72757.


First, you should know that your Daisy is not a toy. It's a

gun. If you use it carefully, it will provide many years of enjoy-
ment. But, if you aren't careful, it can be dangerous.

Second, read this book. In conjunction with the

Operation Manual, it tells you how to handle your new BB
gun properly and how to have the most fun with it. Read it
carefully with a parent and make sure you all understand it.
Then, put what you've learned into practice. And remember,
it's your responsibility as a gun owner to make certain that
anyone using it is instructed in the rules of proper gun han-


If you understand that "HANDLING" your gun means

every time you touch it, and if you remember always to han-
dle a gun as if it were loaded, then you are well on your way
to proper gun handling. A majority of air gun accidents in this
country are caused by 1) careless and improper handling of
the gun, 2) believing the gun to be empty when it isn't, or 3)
shooting at improper targets. All three causes can be avoided
if the shooter handles the gun properly.

For years we have been teaching the 10 Shooting Safety

Rules. Read, remember, practice and review these few simple
rules. They will help you enjoy many hours of safe, fun, recre-
ational shooting.



Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.


Treat every gun as if it were loaded.


Only load or cock a gun when you are shooting.


Check your target and beyond your target.


Anyone shooting or near a shooter should wear
shooting glasses.


Never climb or jump with a gun.


Avoid ricochet.


Keep the muzzle clear.


Guns not in use should always be unloaded.

10. Respect other people’s property.

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