Proper care and maintenance, Ammunition, Grips – Daisy AVANTI Triumph 747 User Manual

Page 6: Storage

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To maintain top shooting performance, lightly oil the three pump lever hinges and pump

oil wiper on the pump rod every 1,000 shots (Fig. 9). Excessive oil on the wiper will affect

accuracy. When a finger is pressed against the wiper, only a light trace of oil should be

deposited on the finger. Excess oil on the wiper will migrate into the pump system and

can affect accuracy from heavy oil deposits in the barrel. Use only a 20-weight non-

detergent automotive motor oil. Other type oils may ruin the seals. The exterior is

cleaned by wiping with a soft, clean cloth. The screws and rear sight should be wiped

with oil to prevent rust.


The barrel must be clean and dry to attain maximum accuracy. Run clean, dry patches

through the barrel until all foreign material is removed. It may be necessary to clean the

barrel approximately every 50 shots to achieve maximum accuracy. Frequent cleaning

may be necessary when the gun is new until all excess oil is removed from the pump

system. If the gun is to be stored for a period of time, a light coat of oil in the barrel will

help prevent corrosion.


Avanti Competition Pellets are recommended for use in the Triumph 747. These pellets

are uniform in size with minimal weight variations. The flat wad-cutting designed head

will punch a clean hole to provide for easier and more accurate scoring. The design of

the Avanti Competition Pellet is engineered to produce maximum accuracy in all

competition air rifles or pistols.


Left hand grips are available for your Triumph 747 Competition Air Pistol by contacting

customer service at 1-800-713-2479. Ask for Item number 5822.


NEVER STORE A LOADED OR COCKED GUN. Shoot the gun at a safe target to make

sure the pump system and barrel are empty. Place the trigger safety in the “ON SAFE”

position. Keep the gun away from children and untrained shooters. Store pellets

separately from the gun to keep them from untrained shooters. Protect your Triumph 747

from moisture and dirt; clean and lightly oil the gun to prevent corrosion and wrap it in a

smooth, dry cloth, or store the gun in the package it came in when new.


FIG. 9