Dascom T2150 Quick Reference Guide User Manual

Dascom Printers

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Quick Reference Guide

Load Paper

Step 1

Raise front cover, then open tractor flaps.

Step 2

Adjust tractors for paper width. Green lever unlocks/
locks (up is locked).

Step 3

Stack paper directly below tractor path.

Step 4

Press Load Key.

Step 5

Press Online Key.

Install Ribbon

Step 1

Press Online Key (places printer offline) then remove
top cover by depressing spring loaded levers and
lifting up.

Step 2

Move print head to left side. Raise upper friction guide
and remove used cassette.

Step 3

Turn colored ribbon feed knob in order to take up
slack of the ribbon.

Step 4

Tilt ribbon cassette forward parallel to the housing top
and thread in ribbon in front of print head.

Step 5

Locate the two notches in the left and right guide rails
of the printer and press down on both sides until it
clicks into place.

Step 6

Turn colored ribbon feed knob again. The ribbon will
slide over the plastic guides on the left and right of the
print head into the correct position.

Step 7

Press the upper friction guide down until it clicks into

Step 8

Remount and close top cover. Press Online Key
(places printer online)


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