Fulltone MDV-3 User Manual

Deja’vibe, Mdv-3

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Fulltone Mini-Deja’Vibe 3 (or MDV-3) the world's most accurate

reproduction of the infamous 1960's Univibe effect made popular by Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, and others.

Trower only uses Fulltone Deja’Vibes since the day he tried one in 1994. We have been making exact '60's

Univibe clones longer than anyone, and are the only ones manufacturing original-spec photocells and

manufacturing our own dual speed-pot with the correct value, taper and gear. We even use the New Old Stock

Panasonic Masushita 2SC828 transistors. Inside the MDV-3 is our DC-Doubler circuit which doubles the

voltage of a 9 volt adapter (Fulltone FPS-1 Included) up to the original’s required @ 18+ volts. Like an original

Univibe, the MDV-3 has built-in Treadle speed control to instantly access any speed by simply rocking

forward or backward. The MDV-3 turns on and off with a cleverly placed footswitch back to the left of your heel

as your foot is resting on the treadle. With a slight roll of the ankle it can be easily turned on and off, or you can

leave it at your favorite speed and simply use your toe to turn it on or off. The MDV-3 embodies everything that

was great about the original Univibe and then some, at about 1/4 the original Univibe's size.


Input Jack: plug cable from your guitar into this, or the cable coming from the “out” of another effect.

Output Jack: plug the cable going to your amp into this, or the cable going to the “input” of another effect.

Intensity Knob: controls the amount of effect (chorus and Vibrato) by increasing (clockwise) or decreasing

(counter-clockwise) the brilliance of the light source circuitry. You might want to decrease (CCW) this knob

when operating MDV-3 at faster speeds.

Volume Knob: affects the overall volume of the pedal only when the pedal is turned "on."

Treadle Speed Controller: the Treadle is the rubber pad where you rest your foot. Since this is a modulation

effect it pulses to a rhythm. The speed is determined by how far forward or back the treadle is positioned.

True Bypass ON/OFF footswitch: Located to the left of the bottom of the Treadle.

Speed/Status LED: This bright Blue LED not only tells you when the effect is turned ON, but also pulses at the

selected speed so you can visually sync to the desired tempo.

Chorus/Vibrato switch: When switch is set to Vibrato.....you get out of tune pitch-bend vibrato with no phasing.

When switch is set to Chorus you get the familiar Hendrix/Trower phasing sounds that we all grew up with.

Modern/Vintage switch: Set to Vintage for stock, warm Univibe sounds of a darker nature..set this switch to

Modern for more output and brightness...great when playing less distorted, cleaner sounds!